How can I protect WordPress?

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Recommendations to protect WordPress

WordPress like all content managers suffers from vulnerabilities that in many cases greatly affect the entire operation. In this article, we want to talk about how you can protect WordPress with plugin WordFence.

WordPress often receives multiple attacks by malicious users, filtering the settings in this content manager affecting the operation of your website and its files within your hosting.


Recommendations to protect WordPress

    • Change the password often or at least every 3 months to prevents malicious users from accessing your WordPress and taking control of everything.
      In case you are already affected, it is recommended to perform a cleanup. After performing this cleanup you must change your password immediately so that these users do not continue to have access to your WordPress.
    • You should use a password that combines upper and lower case letters, numbers and typographical symbols. This makes it a very secure password.
    • Many users handle the Username as “Admin” this is not recommended as it is a very vulnerable username. We suggest you use a username that has your domain name plus dashes or numbers.


  • Secure WordPress content

    WordPress secure

    • It is very important to install an Antivirus and an Antimalware, (adwcleanner recommended) to help you automatically identify if there are viruses that threaten not only your computer but also your hosting, emails and WordPress.
    • Having a virus affects the files of your computer, everything you have installed and the pages you enter. Think about how many times you enter to make changes or configurations in your hosting. It is important to install these two programs.
    • Your WordPress will constantly be asking you to make updates and if you have plugins installed the best thing to do is to make them because when you do not install these updates you will run into errors.


WordPress Protection

WordPress Security

WordPress Protection

Updates should be made for themes, plugins and your WordPress in general. These updates correct errors that may appear in some configurations.

Just as antivirus and antimalware can prevent issues, an SSL certificate would help you even more. By installing a certificate on your hosting you will avoid 99% of vulnerabilities that exist on the Internet.

Having an SSL certificate provides many benefits for everything you manage on the Internet, I will briefly indicate how some of them protect your website, WordPress, hosting, emails, in addition to providing protection, position your website and giving confidence to users who visit your website.


WordPress content manager

As we know WordPress is one of the best-known content managers in the digital world due to its easy management, design and other features.
When installing this WordPress content manager in your hosting plan, it is important to take these recommendations into account so that WordPress will not be affected by malware in the future and your website will not stop working.

WordFence Plugin

Security with the WordFence plugin in WordPress

Plugin WordFence

WordPress developers are always aware of what users need. That’s why they allow the installation of several plugins that help the functioning of your WordPress.

To provide more security to WordPress one of the most important security plugins is called “Wordfence”. This program has the function of monitoring and protecting users who try to affect its operation.





To take full advantage of the WordPress content manager we suggest following these recommendations to prevent cyber attacks, Also using the most important WordFence plugin.

Keep in mind that your provider is not the cause of these failures because these failures are only produced by the vulnerabilities that your hosting plan or WordPress has.

It is highly recommended to hire an SSL certificate to always keep your files and your website safe, bearing in mind that Google gives priority to sites that handle SSL certificate.


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