How can I maintain a safe Internet Connection?

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Safe internet connection

We connect to the Internet every day without taking into account that there are lots of insecurities just like in the physical world. Addressing this issue, we want to advise you on how can keep a safe Internet connection.

There are several systems and protocols that allow you to have more security on the Internet. They avoid the installation of malicious viruses on our computers, in your emails, websites and other types of internet-based functions that may affect your Internet connection.

As the Internet progresses, new security measures are introduced for the public to implement. This helps to prevent attacks from malicious users, better known as cyberattackers.

Which security methods can be used to maintain a safe Internet connection?

As I mentioned before there are several systems and protocols that can be used to maintain a safe Internet connection. Among them, we can find SSL certificates, antivirus, antimalware, VPN or RPV and other protocols that I will mention and explain below.

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network  (VPN)


A private network VPN (Virtual Private Network) or RPV (Virtual Private Networks) is one that has the function of connecting one or more computers that have a private network with internet access.

In other words, it becomes a private connection between the devices that connect to the Internet and the servers that offer the hosting service together with the web pages, making the connection between the user and the server fully encrypted.

The VPN works in a similar way as a proxy. It connects to another network to simulate that you are connected from there, which makes it difficult to find your address from where you connect, therefore hiding the navigation data.


Many times when acquiring a computer we forget the most important thing, implementing an antivirus.

Antivirus to maintain a secure connection to the Internet

Antivirus to detect viruses

Many people think it’s irrelevant but I’ll explain how important it is to install one from the first day you have a computer.

By obtaining an Antivirus in your computer you are avoiding problems such as low performance in the processor, exposing files or confidential information, alteration of data, and the control of the operating system. This can result in the deinstallation of programs or deactivation of the firewall.

Without an Antivirus, it is very easy for malicious Internet users to intercept your computer and implement viruses that only affect the functioning of your computer.


Antimalware increases security

Antimalware malware detector

Is a program that protects, detects and repairs the malicious software left by malware entering your computer if you open links in emails or downloads.

Malware is a type of virus that can infect your mobile device through malicious emails or downloads of damaged files, both of which can be very deceptive because they make you believe they are legitimate.



SSL Certificates:

As we have mentioned in previous articles is very important use SSL certificates, as they avoid several problems that can occur if you do not have them one for your website.

By purchasing and installing an SSL certificate you are preventing Google from reporting your website as insecure by addi

SSL certificate to maintain a secure connection to the Internet

SSL Certificates improve Internet security

ng phishing and preventing malicious emails from reaching you and attacking your website.

These attacks cause an interception on your website with malicious files and these attack the software of your computer, removing permissions and disabling the firewall.

What else can SSL certificates do for you for maintain a safe internet connection?

Besides the fact that certificates spare you lots of frustration when your information is exposed or lost, they help you maintain a good positioning in Google increasing viewers trust towards your page.

Google gives priority to sites that have installed an SSL certificate because they want to prevent malicious users from continuing to enjoy annoying us and hindering our Internet connection.

You can learn more about SSL certificates by clicking HERE



It is very important that you consider these methods to maintain a safe Internet connection, as it is very likely that malicious users have our data if we are not protected with the security tools that the Internet provides.

Click HERE to learn about some tips that can help you maintain your safe Internet connection. You can also click HERE to receive some recommendations on how to keep your content manager safe.


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