The importance of Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

We bring you another great tool that helps your business in many ways. In this article, we want to illustrate the importance of email marketing. What is it? What are its functions? Also, we will give some recommendations on how to start implementing it in your digital business.

What is it? It is a very effective mean of communication in which you can communicate easily with your customers. It allows you to send them communications about your company such as news or news about what happens or is going to happen in your digital company.

What is it for? Email marketing has the function of creating a campaign. But what does this mean? A campaign is an advertising or informative strategy. These campaigns are sent to your customers so they are aware of your next endeavours.


Why is email marketing so important?

Perhaps at some point, you have asked yourself how you are going to communicate with all your clients or how you can send them important information without being classified as SPAM? Well, all this is already possible with this tool.

Email marketing saves you the time of manually sending emails to your customers, therefore you do not have to spend much time selecting one customer at a time and send your emails. It uses all your databases and all your contacts to be able to distribute your mails.

This tool becomes much more useful and effective if you think of a strategy that helps you not only to get your messages but also to have a medium in which you are close to your customers and also your customers can share your emails.


Facts about the campaigns for email marketing:

For this email marketing tool to work, you must first think of a strategy to help you create a campaign. Once you have your strategy, you can send your email marketing campaign to your customers.

Your campaign should be both eye-catching and informative. This makes your customers enjoy the emails they receive your email and they become interested in your company.

Within your campaign you can include social networks that are connected to your company, helping to increase the flow of your social networks. It will also improve the SEO of your website as your customers will want to enter your site to learn more about your digital business.


How can you start with email marketing?

  1. It is important that you set an objective with your campaign. That is to say that after sending your emails, you should have a goal for the campaign.
  2. After you have a clear objective, you should plan a strategy.
  3.  It is good to take into account some data of the audience to whom you are going to address to be more precise and to help you with your objective. Age, studies tastes etc. are essential.
  4. With the above, it will make it easier to perform a strategy, adding that you can customize or separate the emails
  5. The design that you implement to your campaign is also important because doing a creative campaign attracts your audience.
  6. You don’t need to implement a lot of text in your campaigns since you can direct them to the website where all the information you want them to know can be found, this way you will make them know you more.



Email marketing is a tool that will facilitate the sending of emails to current or potential customers of your company at any time you want to send them. Discount campaigns, news, promotions, and events help potential costumers approach your company.

This is why we recommend you use this tool to keep your customers informed of upcoming events you will have using email marketing. With ClickPanda you can get this service and you can enter HERE to find out more about our services.


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