What is spoofing and how can I prevent it?

Your ClickPanda account can suffer from spoofing if you receive bounced messages from emails that appear to have been sent from your account, or if you receive a response from a message you never sent.

As is the case with email spoofing

When you are sending an email, a sender's name is attached to the message. However, the sender's name can be forced

When a spoofing case happens, your address can be used as the sender's email address as the reply-to or reply-to address.

Troubleshoot Spoofing

I'm receiving rebounds from emails that I did not send.

Why it happens?

Some spammers use software programs to create random lists of emails they use in spoofing.

If a spammer spoofs your email, you may receive sports from mail delivery failures that appear to have been sent by you.

How to fix the problem

As these emails are created off our platforms, we can not stop spammers from spoofing your account.

If you receive these emails, report them as spam.

There are emails in Spam sent from my mail

Why it happens?

Some spammers try to send mail with a "fake" address. Spammers expect that if the email seems to be sent from your account, it will not be marked as spam.

If you see an email in Spam that replaces your email as "I" someone tries to put your email in the "From" field of the message.

My friends and family say I spam them

  1. Ensure your account changes by changing the password and passing an antivirus for your computer and that of your relatives.
  2. Add DKIM and DMARC records to secure your domain.
  3. Write to us at soporte@clickpanda.com
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