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Dedicated Servers

Make the most of ClickPanda's Dedicated Server plans to take your growing business to new levels. With our Dedicated Hosting plans, you get a full server for you, along with full root access, making it easy for you to control and manage your website with comfort.

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One of the advantages of hosting your server on Dedicated Servers is the increase in bandwidth and complete independence. By purchasing a Dedicated Server online with us, you get instant server provisioning, 99.9% uptime, fast loading of web pages, and a reliable network.


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We have a wide range of locations for our servers, each with varying costs that adapt to your specific needs. If you are looking for detailed and personalized information for servers in different locations, but with exceptional performance, we offer you the following options:

France Strasbourg, Germany Frankfurt, USA St. Louis, USA Miami, USA Phoenix, Singapore


Dedicated Servers: Key for WebPros and SMEs, with Reliability and Powerunderscoring

Benefits of Dedicated Servers for Web Professionals:

Dedicated servers provide unique resources, greater bandwidth and a reliable network, meeting the expanding needs of your websites.

  • Experience how quickly servers are provisioned, making it easy to manage additional resources.
  • Full root access on your dedicated hosting allows you to customize settings and add external applications, improving both performance and web security.
  • Dedicated hosting plans in India include semi-managed support. Your hosting provider is responsible for server maintenance, with upgrade options to full management.
  • Applications are regularly monitored and updated to ensure maximum web performance and security.
  • Manage easily through an integrated and user-friendly panel: control configurations, server performance, OS reconfigurations, restarts and more.

Dedicated Server Hosting Features

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    High and perfect server scalability

    Enjoy seamless and instant server scalability in dedicated web hosting by adding or removing additional resources as your website traffic grows. We provide a simple scalability solution to handle traffic peaks on your site without affecting uptime and performance.

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    Choice of operating system (OS)

    Choose an operating system based on your website requirements and business operations. If your business operations use web applications that require Linux, we provide you with a Linux Operating System for your website and vice versa.

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    Instant dedicated server configuration

    We ensure that you can start using your purchased Dedicated Server under our plans to ensure that your website is up and running immediately after making the purchase. We use Openstack for instant provisioning of dedicated servers in 20 minutes with our dedicated hosting plans.

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    Server administration and control access

    Get full access and dedicated control to the server to install and configure any application or software for your website operations. You get full control over the functions you would like to see benefit from the dedicated server, allowing you to install third-party software for the performance and security of your website. Customize your server to your needs with full root access on dedicated web hosting

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    Choice of control panels for easy management

    We offer feature-rich control panels with options such as Plesk, WHM and cPanel for easy administration and smooth operation of your applications and web servers. Manage email accounts, configure spam filters, manage databases, web-based applications, files and domains conveniently and securely. Fully integrated panel for easier and more convenient server operations.

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    State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

    With our world-renowned RAID 1 drives, multiple operating systems, and SuperMicro Blade servers with Intel Xeon processors, we offer unmatched reliability and powerful website performance. Enjoy the benefits of SuperMicro servers with a dedicated, low-power server with our dedicated server plans. Buy dedicated servers with SSD storage, Xeon D processors and DDR4 memory.

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    Managing multiple clients

    Subdivide your dedicated server to configure it for your team members or multiple clients with cPanel and WHM. It also allows you to manage and monitor your website and resources efficiently.

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    99.99% availability guarantee

    We provide 99.99% uptime with powerful servers designed and built by ourselves to ensure the performance, reliability, scalability, accessibility and security of your website. We have the latest and highly competitive hardware with the best HVAC architecture. Get reliable performance with top-tier DC, Neustar DDoS protection, and redundant ISPs.

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    System Administrator Support

    Expert and accessible 24/7 technical support for your exclusively hosted website. In addition, with our additional managed hosting services, our server experts will fully manage your server during installation, migration, configuration, customization, proactive monitoring, security, and much more.

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Buy Dedicated Hosting plans to enjoy high performance, incredible support, stability, and an efficient cost-benefit ratio. ClickPanda - Bussines Dedicated Server plans, premium and Elite, vary according to your needs, offering dedicated IPs, instant provisioning and full root access.

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