Transactional email(SMTP)

Send transactional emails quickly and efficiently using SMTP Relay and get sending statistics. The best SMTP Relay transactional email sending platform for CRM and ERP platforms.


What is an SMTP relay transactional email service?

The SMTP Relay transactional email service is the way in which large companies send their notifications to their customers after carrying out a certain action or transaction.

Actions such as:

  • curved arrowCreate an account
  • curved arrowConfirm the purchase of an order
  • curved arrowAn invoice is sent
tools used
tools used

Easily Configure Your Platform

Thanks to our SMTP Relay API service, you can send your transactional emails from our platform, without setbacks or advanced configurations. You'll get advanced statistics on the emails you send and you'll know their deliverability through daily reports.

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Transactional Email Plans

  • Delivery to all email providers
  • Immediate delivery of OTPs
  • Zero message loss
  • 24/7 activity
  • Authentication and domain association for exclusive IP reputation.
  • Suitable for company/domain use
  • High reputation (by following good practices)

Personalization and Enhanced Control

    With a dedicated IP, you have total control over your reputation and message sending. Adjust practices according to your company's needs.

Better Analysis and Tracking

    Using a dedicated IP simplifies detailed tracking of your email campaigns. Monitor open rates, clicks and bounces to constantly optimize your communication strategies.

Bounce Rate Reduction

    With a good reputation and solid practices, you reduce the chances of being marked as spam, improving delivery.


Optimized Deliverability

With our advanced system, we optimize the delivery of your emails, so that they reach the inbox of your customers. We have a team of experts who will help you with the configuration of your platform.

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Monitoring and Statistics

From our platform you can monitor all the traffic of the messages sent, see consumption and click maps from one place.

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Custom Templates

Create your transactional emails with our drag-and-drop editor. You can create custom designs and use variables to give it a professional touch.

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Set up your account

Connecting your service or platform to our SMTP Relay service has never been easier. You can do it via username and password. Also connect via API.

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Automate shipments

Configure and schedule each sending of your emails to be sent through our SMTP servers.

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Delivery and opening report

Monitor the sending of your emails, validating that they are delivered correctly. Enjoy our live monitor to check how often your messages are opened.

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