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    What is the domain? .co ?

    Welcome to the opportunity to make a difference in the digital world with a .CO domain. Ideal for businesses, startups, and personal brands, a .CO domain not only establishes your online presence, but also immediately conveys a global reach. By choosing .CO, you are opting for a globally recognized and respected domain that opens doors to unlimited opportunities for growth and visibility on the web.

    Who uses it?

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    Colombian companies and businesses.

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    Colombian entrepreneurs.

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    Local businesses in Colombia.


    Domain .co

    Colombian domain by preference

    The .CO domain is a top-level domain extension and is the acronym for company or business. .CO domain names are easy, simple to remember, and flexible to use. They dedicate international confirmation in an environment where it is essential to register an accurate domain name.

    • Benefits of registering a .co domain

      Choosing a .CO domain offers numerous advantages that can transform the way your business presents itself online:

    • Global Recognition:

      The .CO domain is easy to remember and is universally associated with terms such as ‘company’, ‘corporation’ and ‘commerce’, making it perfect for any business.

    • SEO Friendly:


    • Brevity and Simplicity:

      The .CO domain is easy to remember and is universally associated with terms like ‘company’, ‘corporation’ and ‘commerce’, making it perfect for any business.

    • Brand Protection:

      A .CO domain is short, which makes it easy to remember and minimizes the risk of typing errors, improving the accessibility of your website.

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