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Find the perfect domain name. Domain registration with ClickPanda® includes creation of custom nameservers, two accounts free email and much more.







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Every digital transformation starts with domain registration

The domain name is the address of your business on the internet and works as a digital ID for your website. Learn about the advantages of registering a domain:

  • Unique identification of your business on the internet
  • Global recognition of your business search
  • Multiple accesses to connect independent digital services
Personal domain registration

When you buy domain mail with ClickPanda you get:


A free
email account

You receive two personalized email addresses, such as spam-free [email protected] and virus protection.


Redirect your domain

Point your domain name to another website for free. Redirect users when typing domain name in a browser (with / without domain masking and SEO.



Free lifetime DNS service, which allows you to manage DNS records on our global platform and highly redundant DNS infrastructure.

Security ssl domains
Security ssl domains

Protection against
domain theft

Protect your domain so that it is not transferred accidentally or without your permission with our Domain Theft Protection system.

blue mail
blue mail


Set up email forwarding to automatically redirect your email to existing email accounts.

computer security
computer security

User Friendly control panel

Use our intuitive control panel to manage your domain name, set up email accounts, renew your domain name and purchase more services.

professional domain

A much more professional domain registration than the standard

You sell technological devices and you want an online store, at ClickPanda we have domain registration with .technology which gives it a more professional image or a .shop that is commonly used in online stores

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